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Aquatex Bentre


ASC.BRC.BSCI.GlobalGap.HACCP.Halal.IFS.ISO 9001:2000.MSC.WCA


  • Pangasius fillets
  • Pangasius steaks
  • Pangasius breaded pangasius
  • Pangasius skewer


Integrated production

Aquatex Bentre started to develop a fully integrated production program in 2005. The programme includes every phase in the production process. From hatchery to aquaculture and processing, through to the finished product. The entire process is completely sustainable as per ASC and Global GAP standards.


We have successfully expanded our system since 2010. This fully integrated system is entirely invested and controlled by our own company Aquatex Bentre. Because we are not part of a joint venture, we control the farming operation ourselves.

We only use approved medicine and we definitely do not use any antibiotics. Instead, we put our efforts into improving the water conditions and the health of our fish. Therefore, our fish complies to the strictest standards, and is approved to be sold in countries like Canada, Germany, France, Japan and the United States,

Presently, we have:

  • One hatchery
    Four Growing farms
    One Processing factory
    One laboratory

Aquatex Bentre is a medium sized company that has a hatchery, farm and processing plant. This ensures we can adapt to changes in demand quicker than huge processing plants.


Export experience

Export since: 2004

Export markets / regions:

  • EU,
  • Japan,
  • US,
  • Canada,
  • Australia,
  • Singapore,
  • Middel East

Contact details


Tanthach village,
Chauthanh district,
Bentre province, Vietnam



Contact Person(s):

Mr. Phan Huu Tai

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